Aylar and Lene Alexandra were observed leaving the party in route to the
SAS hotel carrying the key to Robbie Williams’ suite. According to the
girls, Robbie met them with champagne.

«He was really easy to talk to and it became rather intimate in his suite,"
Alyar explained to Se og Hør after Saturday’s party with Robbie Williams.
«We started to cuddle a little and then taking off clothes piece by piece in
front of Robbie."
«I’m going to find a wife»
Williams was in Norway to appear on the show Senkveld at TV 2. The show got 613,000 viewers, a record for the season.

«I have to find a princess,» Williams said at the show. «I’m going to find a wife tonight.»

And according to Aylar and Lene Alexandra, Williams went far to test out possible candidates.
«We had sex»

The girls told the magazine that they made out with each other before they started to help Robbie off with his clothes.

«Robbie and I had sex while Lene was watching,» Aylar said to magazine.

«I stayed a little bit in the background because I have my heart set on someone else,» confirmed Lene Alexandra. Earlier
this month, it was revealed that she is interested in the Norwegian soccer star John Carew, whom she visited in Istanbul.

The girls left the suit just before 6 a.m. Sunday.
Bimbo list

20-year-old Norwegian-Iranian Aylar and 23-year-old Lene Alexandra have both climbed the Norwegian bimbo list this year.
They are listed as number two and number six.

Aylar gained a reputation when it was revealed that she was disqualified from Miss Norway because she had participated in
a porn film. She occupied the front pages once more when she earlier this month had a nude shoot for her calendar in the
middle of Karl Johan, Oslo’s main shopping street.

Lene Alexandra became known as babe at the Robinson show at TV3 and has since then been considered a possible
model for Playboy.
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