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Celebrating fashion icon & Beverly Hills legend Bijan
by: Amir Nadimi              view pictorial
How do you define style, elegance and exclusivity ? Iranian-American designer Bijan
Pakzad better known simply as Bijan not only distinguished himself with style but his
exclusivity made his Rodeo Drive boutique what is still known to be "the most
expensive store in the world". From his high priced accessories and fabrics, to the 2
million dollar painting adorning his showroom, Bijan prides himself on serving his
"by appointment only". Born in Tehran, Iran, Bijan moved to the United States
in the early 1970s and established his world famous boutique on Rodeo Drive in
Beverly Hills' by 1976.

Sucess & Fame
Having scored numerous successful ad campaigns for his men's and women's
fragrances, Bijan's signature flacon bottle was a favourite amongst the classy and
elegant !  In his Rodeo Drive showroom, a massive chandelier made of 1000 bottles of
his award winning perfume hangs center.  Being a favourite designer amongst the
richest and most powerful people in the world, including former American Presidents
Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. & Jr, Vladimir Putin, Micheal Jordan and a host of
Kings, Queens, Princes and Sultans as well as the best known CEOs. A 2001 Los
Angeles Times article reported that Bijan's Perfume and Fashion Business has
brought in an estimated $4 billion in sales worldwide.  Famous for driving a host of
colourful high performance vehicles including a canary yellow Bentley, Rolls, a
Mercedes Benz SLR Maclaren and a Bugati Veyron amongst others, his presence is
usually marked by one of his cars being parked right in front of his boutique.
Without Appointment !
In April 2008, I had the pleasure of attending the second annual
Noor Film Festival in Los Angeles. While in town., I decided to hit
up Beverly Hills where I was allowed unprecedented access to
Bijan's boutique. Walking by the front, one can't help to notice the
beautiful decor in the display  window often highlighted by Bijan's
signature bright seasonal colours. During my casual and
unorthodox visit, I curiously peaked into the ground floor changing
room which is cleverly disguized as a giant wooden chest. When I
stepped inside, I couldn't help to think how many celebrities and
powerful world leaders had all stood in that same spot and (of all
things) had took their pants off ! Behind the double stair case
which leads to the upper floor neatly rolled inside honeycombs in
the wall is a beautiful array of men's ties ranging anywhere from
750.00$ to 3000.00$ US.  Autographed photos and thank you
letters from the world's elite adorning display tables serve as a
reminder of the mutual affection between his clientele and
himself. From clothing, to perfume and jewelery, the calibre of
Bijan's exclusive craftsmanship and hands on approach shines
through every item and garment of fabric that bears his name.
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On April 14th, 2011 Mr. Bijan Pakzad suffered a stroke from which he eventually succumbed to 48 hours later. The official announcement came
via twitter and facebook by Bijan's close friend and former Mayor of Beverly Hills Mr. Jimmy Delshad. Delshad himself a pioneer, was the first
Iranian-American to hold public office in Beverly Hills. Mourned around the world, Iranians were all shocked and saddened by the sudden loss
of such an exclusive fashion giant who set the stepping stone for Iranian-American entrepreneurship. Bijan was known to have sadly confided
to a staff member that amongst all of the home countries of his international clients, not a single one happened to be from Iran. Although far
from his native Iran, Bijan regularly received a flood of emails from Iranian families often in dire financial help reaching out for assistance. An
unnamed source did indeed confide that Mr. Pakzad actively supported many Iranian families with financial support. Despite his wealth and
lavish lifestyle, Bijan also showed his support by reaching out to his local Iranian community as well. Images of his
billboards in Westwood are
symbols of his excellence which he always proudly boasted was credited to his Iranian heritage. The majesty of his life and success will live
on in the people he marked forever.