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Dior Wireless Phone was released this year
By Fabien Montique on May 22, 2008

Christian Dior will unveil a line of mobile phones -- priced from €3,500, or $5,000, and up. The basic
model for Dior's new phone comes in a variety of colors, WSJ reports.
"In the same way that we have developed our watch and jewelry lines, we want to increase sales with
the phone," Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano said in an interview.

The phones will be made by a small French manufacturer, ModeLabs Group SA. Mr. Toledano says
he expects to sell at least 10,000 of them a year at the beginning and hopes to reach annual sales
of €200 million in the longer term.
Dior's new phone -- which will work world-wide, except in Japan and Korea, where it isn't compatible with local wireless
networks. In addition to all the regular features of a cellphone -- a touchscreen, a camera, ringtones -- the Dior phone
offers a new gimmick: a miniature phone barely bigger than a USB key. Dior says the mini "My Dior," as it is called, is handy
for women who don't want to rummage through their bags to find their phones. Instead, the mini version of the phone clips
to the outside of a bag for easier access. It communicates with the main phone, so people can pick up or make calls with
My Dior and use the main phone for more complicated functions.