Historically inspired and graphically rich images best describes the artistry of Niki Koohpaima. Inspirations from Qajars to
Androgynous 80's rock stars. Koohpaima's unique images and original style makes her work break traditional boundaries
of accepted design and make-up as well as inspire her audience to re-define the industry of make-up artistry.
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Hushi Mortezaie from Michael & Hushi
Born in Iran and living in the West for over 25 years, Hushidar Mortezaie is the renegade design partner of Avant Garde
couturier duo "Michael & Hushi". Based in New York's East Village, Michael and Hushi's decade long partnership has been
characterized by their roots and life experiences. Hushi brings his distinct persian style and flare to their creations ranging in
influences from Qajaris and Qashqais to Googoosh and Revolutionaries.
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She Took Manhattan By Storm
Everyone is talking about Katayone Adeli - New York's answer to Stella McCartney, says Melanie Rickey

REMEMBER the name Katayone Adeli, because she could soon be making an impact on your wardrobe. The 33-year-old
Iran-born, California-raised designer opened her first store only in September, yet already she is being dubbed the
American Stella McCartney - and, along with Gucci and Chloe (the label Stella designs), had been asked to dress Cameron
Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore - the stars of the movie Charlie's Angels.  
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'Fashion in Motion' Fashion Show plus Charity Sale of Fashions
(took place 01/30/04)
Massoud Ansari was born in Iran but spent his formative years in the UK
and the USA, where he studied art and design. Returning to Iran in 1979,
he started a private design work-shop. He is both an accomplished
photographer and fashion designer. The source of his inspiration and
drive comes mainly from day to day living in Iran. Photography is where
he expresses himself emotionally. His most recent solo photographic
exhibit was at the Silk Road Gallery in Tehran.
Shirin Guild combines elements from world clothing traditions –
particularly the menswear from her native Iran – with a modern, reductivist
aesthetic. Extraneous detail and decoration are stripped away in favour of
precision cutting and meticulous attention to every detail. She sources the
most unusual textiles and yarns of the finest quality, as well as
commissioning many unique fabrics. Examples of her work are exhibited
on permanent display at the V&A Museum and the Brighton Museum & Art
Gallery and are also part of the permanent collection of the Fashion
Institute of Technology in New York. The Shirin Guild label was launched
in London in 1992.
Shadi Parand left Iran after high school and
completed her higher education in France. After
several years in Paris and New York in the world
of fashion and clothing, she returned to Iran,
where she has been active in fashion design for
over ten years. A main source of her design
inspirations are traditional Persian art, designs,
and techniques, but she uses those ideas to
create something modern. She travels extensively
in Iran and elsewhere, captures the details, and
uses them in her designs where least expected.
Her current collection is a mixture of all the ideas
and inspirations she has gathered over the years
with an emphasis on the Qajar epoch and ancient
Iranian art. She uses Persian colours in her
designs and this can also be seen in the
collection. She has transformed all these
influences into something modern and
Maryam Mahdavi has been involved in the world of fashion since 1980. Her
designs are predominantly influenced by the garments worn in Iran during
the 19th century. This influence is of course very stylised, and her colour
patterns today no longer bear any similarity with those of the traditional
designs which represent her starting point. Fragments of old fabrics are
used to highlight some of the features of many outfits.
Laya Torkaman was born in Iran but moved to France at a very young age, where she now lives.
She pursues two careers since the mid 1990s, one in fashion and one in dance. Many of her
fashion designs are influenced by traditional Persian garments. She frequently mixes modern
fabrics with fragments from old Persian outfits. Her dancing is inspired by the mystical poetry of
the classical Persian poets such as Rumi and Hafiz, and can best be described as a meditating
exercise. She has recently performed in France, Holland, Italy and the UK.

(Courtesy of the Iranian Heritage Foundation)
Iranian Designers breaking boundaries a la Mode
Iranian-born Michael Soheil likes to recall how he first became interested
in the fashion industry: It was by watching his grandmother teach sewing
classes. From Grandma's knee, the next logical step was of course New
York’s prestigious Parsons School of Design, which Soheil left just a few
credits shy of graduation to finish his training in Paris. His Spring 2002
line was a highlight of the Vogue-sponsored group fashion show for
young designers whose presentations were canceled after September 11.
Michael Soheil
Signature Style:
The famous Soheil Leather suit
Tailoring. His pants and jackets are made from the softest calf leather, which he ruches with a
delicate precision. His narrow leather suits are very edgy in a S&M kind of way (think Trinity in the
Matrix). If you don't have the guts to wear it all at once, mix and match with separate pieces.
  • De la Chapelle's backstage photo essay of Morteza Pashaii's Paris show (fall-winter 2003)
  • World acclaimed fragrance Designer and distant relative of mine,  Bijan Pakzad
Individuality is the key to being on a Best-Dressed List and fashion addicts are searching for new ways to express
themselves. Vintage stores, flea markets, boutiques and even Ebay are drawing buyers away from traditional retail
chains because the hottest label to wear is not the mark everyone knows, but the one that offers the security of never
seeing your style duplicated ..
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Masih Zad is the artist whose exquisite art of breathing life into the patterns whose mystical meanderings leave a soothing
effect on those who appreciate rhythms and cadences in Zen-like calligraphy. Born in 1984 in Esfahan, also known as
“nesfe Jahan” (half of the world), Masih has always possessed the passion and exuberance for Persian art. Living in
Esfahan, a city of a tremendous variety of arts, Masih started out with restoring subtle old Persian rugs to their old glory at
the age of 13. This art focuses on preserving the fragile weave of valuable antique rugs as well as other aspects such as
the characteristics of dyes and provenance of each unique Persian rug.Masih is inspired by designs utilized in Persian
rugs, miniature paintings, and the art of Persian calligraphy.
   view Masih's Spring/Summer 2008 Collection
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Dior wireless phone released this year
Dior Wireless Phone

Christian Dior will unveil a line of mobile phones -- priced
from €3,500, or $5,000, and up. The basic model for
Dior's new phone comes in a variety of colors, WSJ
reports."In the same way that we have developed our
watch and jewelry lines, we want to increase sales with
the phone," Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano said
in an interview
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T.N.I.G. - The Next Iranian Generation - Design with Attitude
Toronto based Manufacturer Serge Zarrabian's TNIG clothing line
provides not only fantastic and affordable Persian designs that all youth
can sport as streetwear, but the design house also comes with over 20
years of experience in the Canadian textile market. TNIG also known as
The Next Iranian Generation' is the fastest growing clothing label with a
broad reach that has already hit fashion afficionados in Montreal, New
York, Vancouver and is now breaking into California's large Iranian
Community. Proudly being sported at this season's Comics Without
Borders Charity Event by celebrities such as Maz Jobrani, Max Amini,
Ahmed Ahmed, Peter the 'Persian' and many more
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Emporio Armani
Celebrating Fashion icon & Beverly Hills legend BIJAN
How do you define style, elegance and exclusivity ? Iranian-American
Bijan Pakzad better known simply as Bijan not only
distinguished himself with style but his exclusivity made his Rodeo
Drive boutique what is still known to be "the most expensive store in
the world". From his high priced accessories and fabrics, to the 2
million dollar painting adorning his showroom, Bijan prides himself on
serving his
"by appointment only" clientele. read more
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Iran Moves Forward: The Silent Revolution for Iranian Women
Things are changing in Iran and it isn’t just about the politics.  As the nation moves forward
politically, the women in Iran are having their own silent revolution. The modesty of their mothers is
being forgotten as the modern women of Iran develop their own style. Women in Iran have been
looking to the West for fashion inspiration for quite a while now. The modern Iranian woman has an
at-home wardrobe that is nearly indistinguishable from what you would see in the U.S. or Western
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