Avant-garde Flags and Visions of Sara Rahbar
Sara Rahbar was born in Tehran Iran in 1976.  She left Iran with her family during the revolution in the
beginning of the Iran Iraq war.  But having to escape her own country, leave her family behind, and
abandon her home because of a war, and a revolution that had nothing to do with her, left a gap in her.  
Through out the years she has killed off dealing with the frustration, and confusion left in her, and now
through her work she is addressing it.  

Rahbar went on to study Fine Art in London, and Design in New York.  Her work has been shown in
various galleries, and museums all over the world.  Her work was featured at the Queens Museum of Art
in their Biennial show, where Rahbar was chosen out of 52 artists to become a teaching artist, and to do
a second piece for the Biennial.   She choose to do a room-sized installation on the subject of war in the
Middle East, in which a documentary  about the youth culture of Iran called,  Nobody’s Enemy done by
film maker Neda Sarmast played.  The collaboration was a success and written about in the New York
Times and other publications.  Click
here to view Sara's Flag series

She has been a teaching artist for various programs such as; Woman for Afghan Woman, as well as a
professional development program for correctional educators at the queens museum of art.   Rahbar’s
art work has such an educational and healing presence, that is has been used for art therapy
workshops for severely disabled children at the Queens Museum of Art.  
She has been an art director for the Persian Arts Festival, a film Photographer and Production for various films, and documentaries made in
Iran.  Rahbar has also been a freelance photographer in Iran for several years.  Her work has been reviewed and praised in a multitude of
prominent publications all over the world such as; The New York Times, BBC Persian, Time Out New York, Tehran Magazine, Namak, Radio
Farda, Venuszine, Iranian, Persian Mirror, Queens Chronicle, Queens International Everything All at Once Vol 3, PS1 MoMA: Emergency
Room, Abort Magazine, Shrug magazine, Payvand, Pars Arts, Sunday magazine, Oziran and Yen magazine.

She has done collaborations with various prominent artists, such as; Jaishri Abichandani, Neda Sarmast, Renzo Ortega, Markus
Wambsganss and Hosein Gourchian.  Her work has been featured on book covers such as, Mellody Moezzi’s WAR ON ERROR: Real
Stories of American Muslims. You can find her photography featuring YAS (Iran's biggest name in Hip Hop) through out the Internet.  Her
work on YAS, and documenting his life, and career for the past three years, has led to an album cover, as well as hundreds of publications,
websites/interviews, music blogs, and video clips so far.  Her work has been featured as the main image, for the 2008 Noor Film Festival.  
Rahbar has had many speaking engagements, and most recently at the Queesn Museum of Art, at the School of Visual Arts and at el
MUSEO del barrio.

Rahbar now lives and works between New York and Iran.
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