Rudi Bakhtiar joined FOX News Channel (FNC) as a general correspondent in January 2006, and held that
role until July 2007. Prior to joining FNC, Bakhtiar worked for nine years at CNN, joining the network in 1996.
During her time at the network, she held multiple positions, including anchoring on the CNN's spin-off
network, Headline News, and as a co-anchor of CNN Student News, a 30-minute commercial free news
program designed for use in the classroom. Throughout her cable news career, she has reported on
assignments from numerous countries, in addition to anchoring the start of coverage of the September 11,
2001 terrorist attacks.

In 2008, Bakhtiar became the first Director of Public Relations for the
Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian
Americans (PAAIA), an organization dedicated to building an inclusive and representative voice in the public
and political arena for Iranian Americans. On January 14th, 2010 she left the organisation to join the
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. (see below).
Personal life

By age two, her family moved from Fresno, California to Los Angeles, California. When she was five years old, her family moved back to Iran.
Bakhtiar was raised in Iran until the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Her family moved back to the United States when she was seventeen years old .
She loved to ride horses as a child. Other hobbies include white water rafting, water skiing, scuba diving, snow skiing, horseback riding, tennis,
yoga, rock climbing, tae kwon do, and oil painting in her downtime.

She attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received a Bachelor of Science in biology, planning to be a dentist; she was
accepted to New York University Dental School, but had reservations about going to dental school. In addition, she studied architecture at the
Career Discovery Program at the Harvard School of Design.


In 2002, Bakhtiar received the Iranian American Republican Council Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding achievements,
excellence and accomplishments within the Iranian American community.

In Washington DC, December 4, 2003, Bakhtiar was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the
Iranian American Technology Council Gala.

On February 15, 2004, Bakhtiar was the Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) for a Bam earthquake fundraiser that also honored US disaster
assistance response teams. The event was organized by the House of Iran (a cultural organization support Iranian culture and traditions), with
NIAC, IACA, Science and Arts Foundation, and IAPAC as the supporting organizations.

Bakhtiar was also the Mistress of Ceremonies for the University of California, Irvine lecture given by Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner,
on May 21, 2005.[10][11]


She was born to Iranian immigrants of Bakhtiari heritage; her father died of oropharyngeal cancer in 2005 [12][11]. Bakhtiar has a younger
brother and younger sister. Shapour Bakhtiar is Rudi Bakhtiar's father's uncle, the last Prime Minister of Iran under Shah Mohammad Reza
Pahlavi, and a great aunt of Bakhtiar's was the Shah of Iran's second wife (Soraya Esfandiary). Bakhtiar's great-grandfather is named Sardar


January 14, 2010, Washington, D.C. - Rudi Bakhtiar has stepped down from her position as the Director of Public Relations for the Public Affairs
Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA) to join the
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.  “I feel that Iran is at a critical juncture in its
struggle for democracy, and the best way those of us in Diaspora can help is by giving a voice to those inside the country who have none,” says
Bakhtiar.  Bakhtiar says the International Campaign for Human Rights is recognized as the number one human rights organization when it
comes to information on Iran, with a network of connections inside and outside the country that allow the NGO to produce and disseminate
accurate accounts of human rights abuses there.  Hamid Biglari, Chairman of the Board of PAAIA, said "Rudi has been a tremendous asset to
PAAIA during its formative stage. Her passion, energy, and creativity made a real impact in launching the organization. We wish her the very best
as she pursues new directions, knowing that she will remain an important member of the PAAIA family."  Bakhtiar says she will continue to
collaborate with PAAIA on various community building projects, like Passing the Torch of Success.  "I truly believe that we all benefit by
supporting an organization like PAAIA which aims to bring our Iranian American community together and give us a voice on domestic issues,"
says Bakhtiar. (Photo by Arash Akhtari Rad)
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Rudi Bakhtiar - Accomplished journalist of prominent Iranian lineage