Iranians have looked at food at 3 different ways for many
centuries; medicinal, philosophical & cultural.
Iranian Physicians & philosophers considered food &
beverages as the main factor to revive body. Consuming food
is a way of weakening or strengthening human character.
Consuming a lot of red meat and fats was thought to creat e
evil thoughts and make us selfish. However, consuming a
healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, fish, fowl, mixed petals
& blossoms of roses create unusual powers & make us
gentle & noble creatures.

From a cultural point of view, Persian food has always been
considered to be an art providing enjoyment to both body &
No accurate record of classical Persian cooking is available. The techniques have been passed down generation to
generation. Women have had a great influence in the history of cooking in Iran. The best Persian Cuisine chefs were and
still are women. Like other cultures, special foods are prepared for different occasions, i.e. wedings, funerals, birthdays,
Persian New Year, religious & historical feasts, formal & state gatherings.

Light /Side Dishes________________________________________________________

Iranian Foods & Recipes to savour for all occasions
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