Teaching Against Islamophobia by: Christopher Stonebanks
As corporate and governmental agencies march us towards global conflict, racism, and
imperialism, this book contends that teachers must have the tools with which to combat
unilateral politicization of Arabic and Muslim peoples. Teaching Against Islamophobia
creates a pedagogical space for educators to engage with necessary issues and
knowledges regarding the alienation of Islamic culture, religion, knowledge, and
peoples. Edited by a WASP, a Jew, and an Iranian, this book confronts the fears,
challenges, and institutional problems facing todays teachers. Taking its cue from critical
pedagogy, this book is a collection of essays by artists, writers, performers, and
educators committed to naming the insidious racism and hatred of those who would
isolate and vilify Islam.
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BODAZEY sits down with George Galloway
A Cigar Soirée with George Galloway
The most controversial and outspoken British political figure
since Winston Churchill, MP George Galloway has made
headlines around the world with his outspoken stance on the
War on Iraq and his undying support for Hezbollah.  There are
few public figures in the world that would risk as Galloway would
say "their political life's blood" to take the side of truth, justice and
peace. As one of the leaders of the British Anti-War coalition,
George Galloway has given voice to millions of his countrymen
and millions around the world...
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Iranian-American wins 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Award !
From an Iranian Childhood of More Work than Play, a Tycoon Rises
Washington -- Were you to talk to Isaac Larian about his childhood in Iran, he
would not wax nostalgic over childhood games or playthings.  In fact, he would tell
you that when his friends and cousins played or went on vacation, he did “constant,
hard work” helping his father run a retail textile business. Today, Larian is
president and chief executive of the largest privately held toy company in the world,
MGA Entertainment, based in Van Nuys, California.  (The ranking is based on
market share comparisons.)  
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Homosexuality, Islam & Techno !
Gay Muslims Pack a Dance Floor of Their Own

BERLIN — Six men whirled faster and faster in the center of
the nightclub, arms slung over one another’s shoulders,
performing a traditional circle dance popular in Turkey and
the Middle East. Nothing unusual given the German capital’s
large Muslim population.?  
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India has welcomed the election of Hassan Rohani as the Islamic Republic’s president
Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid, who was
on a two-day visit to Iraq, said on Friday that
Rohani’s victory is a welcome sign and an
outcome of Iranian democracy. Following Rohani’s
victory, the two countries are widely expected to
boost their relations even further.
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