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Trying to make sense of it all:
Vali Nasr: Expert on the Politics of The Muslim World and Author of The Shia Revival and
Democracy in Iran
There is no greater concern in US foreign policy today than managing relations with the
Muslim world, and understanding the role Islam plays in politics. From the global war on
terror, and the war in Iraq, to elections in the Palestinian territories, violent protests in
Europe, and renewed radicalism in Iran, Muslim politics continue to dominate foreign policy
discussions. To understand Islam's complex relations to politics and to make sense of
where developments in the Muslim world fit in US foreign policy, there is no better person to
turn to than Vali Nasr, who also serves as Secretary of State Clinton's Mid-East advisor.
Nasr is one of the world's leading experts on the Islamic world and Muslim politics. He has advised senior
policy makers, members of Congress, and leading executives in the private sector. As a consultant to the
Department of State and USAID, he has provided expert testimony to the US Senate on the Muslim world, and
is a major influence on ongoing public debates on such critical issues as Islam and democracy, Islamic
extremism and anti-Americanism, America's relations with Iran, and the war in Iraq.

A Professor and Associated Chair of Research at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts
Universityl, and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, Nasr is the author of several
important books on politics and Islam, most recently, Democracy in Iran and The Shia Revival: How Conflicts
within Islam will Shape the Future. He has written for The New York Times, TIME, and The Washington Post,
and is a frequent guest on CNN, BBC, Newshour with Jim Lehrer, NPR, 60 Minutes, NOW with Bill Moyers
and Frontline.

Nasr's singular understanding of conflicts within Islam and their potential global effects has not gone
unnoticed: he has been awarded grants from the MacArthur Foundation, The Harry Frank Guggenheim
Foundation, and the Social Science Research Council.
What does Vali Nasr talk about?
The Politics of the Muslim World

Vali Nasr, an authority on the Islamic world, tailors his presentations according to the different needs of the
audience. From a broad thematic framework, Nasr explains the basics of political Islam: What is
fundamentalism? Who is "good" and who is "bad" and what are the forces behind each? What defines the
political ideals of Muslims today, and where does religion fit in them?

He gives us a framework to understand the successes and failures of democracy in the Muslim world, and
explains its anti-Americanism. More to the point, Nasr traces the key developments that have shaped Muslim
politics in the last five years: the democratization of Turkey, September 11th and al-Qaeda, the impact of the
war in Iraq, and the paradox of Iran. The Muslim world today is at a crossroad between militancy, insurgency,
democracy and economic change. The next decade will decide the direction that the Muslim world will take
and how that will impact global order. Nasr takes us through this new world, and brings us some
much-needed understanding.
Dr. Vali Nasr's Experience:

Professor, Naval Postgraduate
School (2003 to present);
Visiting Professor, Stanford
University (current); Associate
Professor, University of San
Diego (1996-2002); Assistant
Professor, University of San
Diego (1992-96); Visiting
Associate Professor, University
of California, San Diego
(1998-2001); Visiting Assistant
Professor, Tufts University
(1991-92); Associate, Gustav E.
von Grunebaum Center for
Near East Studies, University of
California, Los Angeles
(1994-2004); Faculty Associate,
Harvard University (1991-93).
This is only Dr. Nasr's latest appearance on Charlie Rose aired September 20th, 2006. He has appeared on
Charlie Rose back in July 2006, as well interviews with Bill Moyers in 2004 and numerous other
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