Iranian Princess  Stars in  E! Reality
LOS ANGELES, November 4, 2004:
The granddaughter of HH Princess Shams of Iran's Pahlavi Dynasty is the subject of a new
E! Networks comedy/reality hybrid series in which she must find a good job and a suitable
love interest or risk losing a hefty financial pipeline from her family.
The 10-part Love is in the Heir is set to launch on E! Entertainment Television in the U.S. on November 28 at 10 p.
m. It focuses on Princess Ann Claire, a pampered, London-raised 31-year-old who has left her regal background
behind to settle in Los Angeles, in pursuit of a recording deal.
Parents HH Prince Shahboz Pahlbod and Beatrice
are giving her until December to find a "real" job–or achieve her musical aspirations–and a love interest that
meets their standards. If she fails, she can either move back to London to live with her parents, or remain in Los
Angeles and be cut off from the family funds.

"We think viewers will enjoy the day in and day out escapades of Princess Ann Claire, her journey to become the
next country music sensation, and the trials and tribulations she faces as she attempts to balance pleasing her
family with following her own dreams," said Mark Sonnenberg, the executive VP of entertainment at E! Networks.

To produce the segments in London, E! in the U.S. is working with its international division. Sonnenberg noted,
"[We] look forward to pursuing more co-productions in the future."
Prince Ann Claire
The Facts: The granddaughter of HIH Princess Shams of the Pahlavi Dynasty,
Princess Ann Claire is the eldest of three daughters raised in London.

The Royal Treatment: Ann Claire is rebelling against the stereotypical life of a
traditional princess. She has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a
country-music singer. And much to her parents' dissatisfaction, she dates
questionable men who are the furthest thing from royalty. Her parents have delivered
the following ultimatum: Find a suitable suitor, or move back to London with them. If
she chooses neither, she'll be singing the blues, financially cut off and left to her own
Mom & Dad
Meet Iranian Singles
The Facts: HH Prince Shahbaz and Beatrice Anne live in London and are fed up with
their daughter's actions.

The Royal Treatment: Just like any parents, they want the best for their daughter. And
just like any parents, they want it their way. Princess Ann Claire's firm and
intimidating father wants her to marry the right man. Her traditional and refined
mother, however, has moved on to the next phase and is already talking about
babies. And the country-music thing? Um, they're not so into that.
Michael, The Assistant
The Facts: Stuck in the crossfire, Princess Ann Claire's Los Angeles assistant-friend
sees her dilemma firsthand.

The Royal Treatment: Who better to help a gal find a guy than her assistant?
Besides chiming in with, say, fashion decisions and being a shoulder to lean on, the
playful Michael encourages Princess Ann Claire's musical endeavors. He'll even
sing her wake-up songs while massaging her feet. What a pal!
Mandana, The Sister
The Facts: She may be Princess Ann Claire's younger sister, but her wisdom is

The Royal Treatment: Well-heeled, proper and engaged to a wealthy man, Mandana
is the image of a perfect princess. Others are constantly judged against her refined
tastes and full embrace of the royal lifestyle. Of course, all of this regal treatment
never stops the two sisters from bickering every now and then.
Princess Ann Claire is also an aspiring country singer which gives this whole ridiculously pampered Bel-Air Princess the quirky
twist it needs to be distinctly retardedly Persian. Country music ?  
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