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LOS ANGELES, Feb 29th, 2004 – For all fans of Catherine Bell, these are exciting times. Not only is she the
lead star of CBS’s longest-running television show J.A.G., Catherine Bell is pushing the limits by performing
in a new animated film called Babak and Friends, A First Norooz. Ms. Bell joins a cast of talented artists and
actors, including oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo, Parviz Sayyad and Ali Pourtash to bring the character
of Layla to life. In this role, Ms. Bell portrays the kind-hearted and protective mother of Babak who has
shielded him from Persian culture in order to make sure he fits into his Western life. When cousins Saman
and Sousanne arrive from Iran, the pregnant Layla decides to tell Babak about his past and reads them the
legend of Norooz. Fascinated by his link to a grand and proud past, Babak goes on a magical journey to
discover. Layla, and a host of fun characters such as Amoo Norooz and Haji Firooz.complete the voyage to
enlighten him about of Norooz traditions. The actress is thrilled to be part of a project that is fun for children
and a positive force to educate people around the world about the wonderful traditions of Norooz..

The animation project is scheduled for release on DVD on March 10th, 2005. Norooz
Productions has planned a grass-roots marketing effort to unleash the 75 minutes of
entertainment onto the Iranian market. Much of the company’s advertising and promotion have
been done through student groups, cultural organizations, and popular websites such as and A Hollywood premiere is scheduled for March 10th  in Los
Angeles at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Cast and crew will be treated to the
first ever screening of the animation and a special live performance by Iranian pop star Andy.
Additional screenings and events are planned around the world in cities like Boston, New York,
London, Chicago, among others.

Babak and Friends – A First Norooz is being produced in both English and Persian with feature
extras promised on the DVD. The 30-minute movie is scheduled for release on March 10th,
2005, just before Norooz celebrations around the world.  The DVD is can be ordered online at .  
About Babak and Friends – A First Norooz

Babak and Friends – A First Norooz is a cartoon about a little boy named Babak who is caught between two cultures and is trying to understand
the beauty of Persian culture through celebrating Norooz. Amoo Norooz and Haji Firooz are there to help him through this life-changing
process. They take him on an epic stroll through the halls of Persepolis in his dream, and teach him about his great heritage.  For more visit

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Sara Sefeed is a Senior Editor for PersianMirror from New York, NY.
Babak and Friends - The Adventures of a Life time
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