Invitation Letter for Islamic Countries Fashion & Style 2006 Exhibition
& Conference
The Objective: The last decade we had witnessed rapid and dramatic economic, political
and social changes on a universal scale. The Globalization had altered our planet as
never before. The Muslim societies, from Morocco to Indonesia, from the heart of Africa to
the proud mountains of Central Asia, have been deeply affected by this process. The lives
of peoples have been changed, so have their thoughts and perception. Some have
welcomed the changes, while others are deeply anxious how to protect the unique Islamic
heritage and identity in the face of global demands; how to uphold their religious and
ethnical traditions; how to preserve linguistic purity and to defend social institutions.

The Legacy: Islam is one of the world's greatest religions and for a thousand years has
brought comfort and peace of mind to countless millions of men and women. It has given
self-respect and meaning to miserable and impoverished lives. It is a religion vital to every
aspect of human life, from family to international relations. It has taught people of different
races and creeds to live side by side in reasonable tolerance, it had inspired great
civilizations, and it had enriched the World by endless achievements through the

The Presence: Unfortunately today the global view of Islam has been jeopardized for many
reasons, there are numerous misconceptions of Islamic values by Western culture, lot of
prejudices were not overcome even in this modern era. How the global development
should reflect over Islamic society? Where is the right path? What further efforts should be
made for developing Muslim nations in line with their own traditions, for upholding Islamic
civilization and preserving Muslim identity, for passing the timeless Islamic values to our
future generations, for fully observing Islamic ideology in any aspects of life?
1-st Islamic Countries Fashion & Style Show 2006
and its contribution towards the big picture: The first
ever int’l trade exhibition & conference, solely
featuring Muslims’ style, fashion and way of life. The
event will emphasize on solutions following both
traditional perceptive and contemporary trends. It
will be an open forum for exchanging ideas,
business opportunities, new concepts and
establishing strong network among the participants.
Main Categories:

Men’s Fashion: Traditional Khanduras, Classic Shalvar Khamise Suites, Long Kurtas, Mandarin Khamise Suits, Islamic Outfits with
Ethnical & Local Elements,  Headwear, Footwear, Accessories

Ladies Fashion:  Abayahs & Chadors, Ghalabias, Formal Wear, Bridal Wear, Prayer Outfits, Islamic Outfits with Ethnical & Local
Elements, Different type of Hijabs, Niqab & Burqu’ah, Accessories - Hijab Pins, Under scarf, Gloves & Sleeve’s Guards, Long Slips,
Shoes & Slippers

Kid’s Outfits: Garments for Infants, Toddlers & Pre-scholars, Special wear for Girls &Boys, Prayer Outfits for Children

Weddings & Special Occasions Outfit

Pilgrimage Clothing & Accessories; Travel Packages for Pilgrims

Islamic Jewelry:
Jewelry & Accessories in Islamic Style from Non-Precious Materials, Silver, Gold & Platinum Jewelry Local and Ethnical
Style Jewels, Gems with religious inspiration

Islamic Beauty and Grooming Products: Personal Hygiene Products based on Natural Ingredients, Natural Soaps, Halawa Wax & Hair
Removers, Olive Oil Beauty Products, Perfume Oils & Attars (Fragrances, Roll-on Attar Oils, Essence Holders, Ouhd), Henna - Henna
paste & Henna stencils, Hair Oils & Herbal Additives, Miswak Sticks, Kajal & Kohl, Gents Grooming Sets

Islamic Finance -  Islamic Banks, Islamic Investment Funds & Islamic Insurance

Islamic Education - Schools, Colleges, Universities and Learning Centers

Islamic Architecture, Art and Home Décor

Unique Islamic Novelties, Traditional Craft & Gift Items

Islamic Sounds and Visions:
Greeting Cards, Posters & Calendars; Islamic Web Sites, Islamic Radio, TV & Satellite Channels, Muslim
Story Books for Kids, Islamic CDs and DVDs, Video & Audio tapes, Computer Software

Embracing Islam: New Converts, Special Educational Courses & Programs, Support Centers for New Converts & Community Network

Lifestyles for Muslims living in Non-Muslim Countries: Practice of Religion, Stores & Supplies of Halal Products Abroad, Boutiques for
Islamic Clothing, Islamic Parenting, Islamic Celebrations, Gatherings & Occasion within western Environment; Islamic Education for Kids
and Grown-ups, Social Life for Muslim Men & Women abroad.

Islamic Countries Networking & Cooperation: International Institutions and organisations, governmental, semi-governmental & charity
Who should attend: We are  welcoming  participants from across the Islamic
Countries, together within representatives of the vast Muslim communities
living  in  USA, Canada, France , UK, Russia, India, China, Australia & NZ,  
Thailand, Philippines, etc.  Based on recent research and projections the
Muslim population in 2015 will reach app. 7.5 Billion, from which only 25 % of
them residing in the MENA Region.

Our main target: To create an effective platform for promoting Islamic fashion,
style and way of life by uniting the efforts of  diverse organizations and  bringing
them together under one roof -  Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion
Centers and Business Councils,  Islamic financial  & educational institutions,
private businesses &  individual investors,  famous scholars, educators,
mentor and leading mass media representatives.

By joining our initiative you will have the unique opportunity to give your
personal contribution in uniting all parts of the Muslim society for showing the
rest of the World the real beauty of Islam, it is divine creative spirit and eternal

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to present our projects, ideas and vision. It
will be our great honor to have your highly esteemed organization as a
supporter, contributor or sponsor in this event.

We are looking forward to receive your positive response and to offer you our
best services. Kindly we remain at your disposal for further information or
personal meeting at your convenience.

With our due respect and deepest regard,

Cordially Yours,

Sylvia Ansara

Director “Trade Fairs, Exhibitions & Corporate Events”
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Ms.  Fatima Hussain,  Project  Manager (Exhibition)
BECO Main Office, Dubai, UAE
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Tel: 00971 4 3596448

Mr. Ali Ahmad Hasan, Project Coordinator
BECO Main Office, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 397 6448
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Ms. Tahira Paziri, Sales Executive
Afghanistan Trade & Exhibition Co. (ATECO)
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Ms. Maryam Tavakolian, Sales Executive
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