Armed & Dangerous: Iranian Policewomen
contributed by: Lady F

Last March, in Tehran,  the police college held a graduation ceremony, where for the first time ever, women
appeared in the ranks of graduating police cadets. The female cadets were not only wearing special
uniforms, but they also left many amazed as they displayed their combat skills.

The sound of their awe-inspiring display of military might was heard by many, these 400 Iranian
policewomen have undoubtedly caught the attention of many who are curious to see just what they¡¦re
capable of.
These policewomen must wear a chador  (full-length black robe) with black trousers-- in order to comply with strict religious rules. Just the
same, these women are just as brave and valiant as their male classmates. Descending from the roof of a building, the policewomen show
the fruits of their three years of training at a complex in Tehran.

Next, they show how thieves cannot escape their pursuit, as well as displaying superb skills in judo.

The event also featured simulated sounds of explosions and gunfire, and the policewomen dealt expertly with the various situations,
winning the admiration of all who came to see them.

Lastly, the policewomen showed how familiar they are with using firearms. Indeed, they were able to assemble their firearms in just a blink
of an eye. It seems the 400 newly-trained female police officers will prove a fine addition to the police force protecting the safety of the people
of Iran.
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