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Beyond the headlines and stereotypes, Iran must be
understood through a deeper appreciation of its rich
heritage and complex internal dynamics. A
conversation with Iranians from a broad spectrum of
society as they discuss their aspirations, their
country and how they view the world at large.
Mohammad Hossein Adeli, Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer, Economic Trends, Centre for
Economic and International Studies, Islamic Republic
of Iran
Bahare Arvin, Researcher, Social Studies, Islamic
Republic of Iran
Shahryar Eivazzadeh Kaljahi,
Chief Executive Officer, Genesis Sky, Islamic
Republic of Iran
Mohammadreza Jalaeipour, Researcher, Political
Science, Oxford University, United Kingdom
Vali Nasr, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern
Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, USA
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2007
"Voices from Iran"
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