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Iranians living in Africa
contributed by: Lady F
It's not so much of importance that there are Iranians in African countriesas much as it is
important to acknowledge it. To my surprise, many of my Iranian friends are always
surprised to find out that I grew up in Rwanda with my family. I was born in iran but like so
many other Iranians for one reason or another we left Iran shortly after the Revolution and
settled in Rwanda. Yes, it isn't the most conventional place for a Tehrani to end up, but
nonetheless Rwanda is also a beautiful country with many things to offer such as any
other western and Western European countries.
We all know that the largest Iranian community outside of Iran has settled in the state of California mostly in
the Los Angeles area and its outskirts."F, do you realize how many Persians there are in California ? There's
like over a million!". So friggin' what ? California's also the world's 5th largest economy and probably has a
MILLION of several minority groups, of which Iranians are but one.

Back to Africa:

There are many rampant problems in many African countries. From AIDS to poverty, to local conflcts the
continent hosts its share of global problems I must admit. But nobody speak of its lush natural beauty,
fantastic people, foods and most of all its unbreakable spirit. The People of the Sun definitely shine under it.
If it's warm and sunny weather you are looking for or awesome surf and beaches, well Africa definitely has
more than its share. True, there aren't many Iranians who reside in African countries, but we shouldn't be
surprised to find any either as beauitfull reflected in this video below. Enter, the Haidarian family of Botswana
and their adoptive son Aref :)
Watch this video: