We left our woes behind, with only echoes of our previous lives remaining, seeking continuation,
time, and refuge in this great new land called America.  Human beings, attempting to survive our
selves, our lives, and our present locations.

My work is my story told in intervals, through different mediums.   It is a direct reflection of the constant
questioning of the, who I am, what, and where is home, and why I am here.  It is a mirror image of my
life; my geographic locations, my history, my present, my environments, and my memories.   My goal
is to educate, and to show another perspective.

My work address identity, stereotypes, and the mental representation of objects, particularly flags.  
Through my work I challenge concepts of territory, and nationalism. I Challenge injustices that take
place, oppression, dictatorships and monarchies, systems that are put into place to secure the
bettering, and growth of a select group of individuals, and not the world as a whole.  These concepts
influence, effect, and fuel my work.  My work is my resistance, my revolution, it is a platform for me to
stand on, and scream.    
I am quite anti flag, and feel that they play a major role in keeping us divided, and separate.  They put into place this mind set, that we are so
different from one another.  The flags in my work represent my interpretation, of the roles of these symbols, and the meanings, and titles which
they carry with them. What do our flags stand for, and who are they representing; lands, people, or governments?  Whose lands are these any
way? These lands that we buy, sell, and at times steal and kill for. Our times have changed; our boarders, our laws, our governments, but our
flags have not.  In my work I recreate and transform the American and the Iranian flag in particular.  And attempt to dissect, understand, and
convey their meanings, which they hold in their very fibers.  America’s colors have changed as Iran’s have, these countries have become so
thick, layered, and transformed that they are unrecognizable from when they first began, why haven’t their flags changed with them.  Flags
should be representational of what countries truly are, they should hold truth.  

My latest flag series address our current political state, both in Iran, and in America.  It addresses Iran’s, and America’s relationship with one
another, and their intertwined history.  Cloth and color, symbolizing and representing growth, history, and time. Portraying an organized and
progressed human race.  While all along, our number one pass time, is still war, how advanced can we possibly be?  I don’t believe in the
boarders created by the devotion towards a flag, a country, or, a religion, my intentions and my driving force is to focus on our similarities
rather than our differences.  The only thing I want to do with these titles that have created so much separation between us, is shed them.  

My flag series will grow with me through out my life, as my flags represent time, history and a continuous conversation that is being had.
Metamorphosing, transforming, and reshaping for the means of surviving it all.  Our foundations laid, but our houses have burned to the
ground.   Building castles in the sky for a species that cannot fly, brick by limb we tear it down.  Thinking that we are moving forwards, yet
moving backwards all along. Qajar woman and golden toys, we wait for dawn.         
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